Female Vocal / ROSE's melodic powerful singing voice and back's distortion sound riff are the main HR / HM band !!
I want all people to feel the world of Sadistic Duty once by all means
I want to resonate and resonate with the splendor of the band with everyone I will know from now !!

Vocal / ROSE centered band "Sadistic Duty".

ROSE will make CD debut after audition of a major record company. The ROSE legend starts from there.

ROSE who debuted at a young age, I feel that there is a difference between the direction I want to do and the musicality in that place, and I will make a new band "Sadistic Duty".

Guitar / Yuji will join the members "SadisticDuty" where members have made several changes.

And after "Sadistic Duty" which had established musicality repeated "LIVE activity" several times, Maxi single "Birthday" was announced in 2016.

The charismatic nature of Vocal / ROSE is in "image" and "performance" of Gothic style "fashion". That character is loved by many people.

We will continue to fascinate people by showing off the world view of "beautiful melody line" "powerful singing voice" "charming poetry" "ROSE Sadistic Duty".


"Sadistic duty" thanks all the "musician players" that have participated in the band so far. Thank you very much.