Female Vocal / ROSE's melodic powerful singing voice and back's distortion sound riff are the main HR / HM band !!
I want all people to feel the world of Sadistic Duty once by all means
I want to resonate and resonate with the splendor of the band with everyone I will know from now !!



We Sadistic Duty was able to publish photo books in the USA! I'm really happy. I sincerely express my gratitude to all concerned people. In this photo album, artists who appeared at the American rock festival "Blue Ridge Rock Festival" are also introduced.

We will also sell this photo album in Japan. Details will be reported on this page. In addition, please contact us from this contact page for inquiries about this photo album.↓↓



"Blue Ridge Rock Festival"


Professional photographer 'Mr. Mike Ramos' introduction page, photo collection, etc.


⇒ http://www.brokendreamsartstudio.com/

"Mika Ramos" who participates as official photographer of the Blue Ridge Rock Festival and supports ”Sadistic Duty "I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



"Oedo roar music live"

New member "Ryo / keyboard" and the first live! ! This year was the first live of Sadistic Duty. Everyone who came to the venue, I really appreciate it. We are looking forward to see you again at various venues, we promise.

Sadistic Duty OFFICE

 Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Friend Hall, eastern part, on August 12, 2018.

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Sadistic Duty Live digest 2017

We made a digest version from live video. It is a digest of several songs. Please enjoy the world of "sadistic duty".

In November 2017, Sadistic Duty was introduced to the media magazine / radio station "Central America" Nicaragua "Armas de Metal". Sadistic Duty also participated in the omnibus album with 34 metal bands around the world. Sadistic Duty is sincerely grateful for "Almas de Metal".

Vocal / ROSE decorated the cover of the Gothic fashion photo album magazine !!

Shop/site page

Sadistic Duty was introduced in the page of American Gothic Fashion Magazine. Sadistic Duty introduced by editing by professional photographer "Mr. Mike Ramos" was able to make a chance to enter the US. I am sincerely thankful to Mr. Mike Ramos professional photographer. Thank you



Yokosuka pumpkin March 18, 2017 "RANDY RHOADS" memorial live

Yokosuka pumpkinMarch 18, 2017 "RANDY RHOADS" Memorial Live
Ozzie Osbourne / "Perry Masson" "the ultimate sin" was played. Special guest is a special live with guitar / "KIYO" - Pierceance in self respect - and drum / "Taji" - ex.AUTO MOD -.

On February 26, 2018, Sadistic Duty's "DearMaria" was introduced in Europe from the Spanish radio station "Rockanbolesque Radio Rock". I am very happy that more than 25,000 listeners have heard it. Sadistic duty is sincerely thankful to Spain's Debetella Produce Management "Anna Tora". Thank you very much

  1. FallenAngel Sadistic Duty 1:01
  2. Birthday Sadistic Duty 1:01
  3. Tower of Babel Sadistic Duty 1:00
  4. DeepRose Sadistic Duty 1:01
  5. Dear Maria Sadistic Duty 1:01
  6. Black Swan Sadistic Duty 1:00

Sadistic Duty Official Comment

"Sadistic Duty" releases a new album in the spring of 2018. There are songs that are playing with LIVE in that song.
Our "sadistic duty" is gratefully appreciated to all the fans and listeners who always cheer us. Thank you !
And I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the stakeholders in Japan and overseas who support "sadistic duty". Thank you !